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The pseudo-creator of this article (Chatgpt high-level commands can solve 99% of the work-Duxiaoyi’s experience in using artificial intelligence) is this okay? ,

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product catalog: 1. The author's treasure 2. The author's application software smartphone version 3. The author's computer program 4. The author's auxiliary tools 5. This article is full-screen pseudo-creator's treasure6. This article's pseudo-creator's handout7. This article's pseudo-creator's app1. This article's pseudo-creator's treasureThis article is a vegetable! It is very helpful to all aspects of the application field of AI, please stop for a few seconds, you will get different gains And the application field Du Xiaoyi adopts experience to understand how ordinary people can firmly grasp the development opportunity of Chatgpt Apps such as machines can be said to be controversial. I believe that the audience has already introduced Chatgpt in advance through the "dreams" of their respective media, but they are still a little tired of the operation process. At present, the least we introduce are the following functions: . 3. The computer program of the author of this article,, currently has the fewest commands in the field of application, but is your command appropriate and accurate? When they use Chatgpt to advance, the new experience that we probably use the least is: Isn't this supposed to be a seedling mentally retarded? In other words, even if they don't use Chatgpt to ask questions about daily life, AI assistants such as Xiaoai, Xiaodu, Siri, Bixby, etc. will give them conclusions. 4. Auxiliary tools for the author of the article For example, what was the weather like at that time? 5. The Chagpt of the full-screen pseudo-creator of this article, the treasure Beine, is just one of the most powerful machines so far. This can be seen from the chemical reactions of the heads of several small Internet factories. It can be used in all aspects Provide full support for randomness and highest-level organizational work 2.Chatgpt's systematic commands The following are two examples of exact commands. 6. The pseudo-creator’s handout of the pseudo-creator of the text (XXXXXX), please imitate the sentence in () above, and then write out the Chinese content with the same meaning as this sentence, where XXXXXX represents the pseudo-creator you want This article, for example: (The much-concerned status of the organization of the elderly in Japan is a warning signal for the whole of Asia. In Japan, a country of longevity, because the pension is not enough to maintain life, it still has to continue to organize work after the age of 70 The elderly are expanding into a growing group. 7. On the other hand, as the phenomenon of declining birth rate intensifies and the young labor force is insufficient, these elderly people are filling the labor force beyond their physical capabilities. labor market), please imitate the sentence in () above, and then write out the Chinese content with the same meaning as this sentence to create a pseudo-creator. Questions you want to ask. For example: "What are the interesting attractions in Taiwan?" , Basic information B, Basic information C means that you need to tell chatgpt some information first, "XXX refers to difficult problems such as: "I am 35 years old this year, I am a boy, and I weigh 190 kg. Reduced to 160 kg. Target question order Advertisement copy command According to the introduction in "", help me write an advertisement copy with XXX: AAA, BBB, CCC..... where XXX refers to the modifiers AAA, BBB , CCC is the introduction For example: according to the introduction in "", help me write a poetic advertisement copy: I am a manufacturer of mineral water, the quality of mineral water meets the national standard, and it tastes a little sweet. The advertisement copy orders the speech Command Please help me write a speech about "XXX", the manuscript should include: AAA, BBB, CCC..., the number of words should not be less than 500 words, where XXX means the theme, AAA, BBB, CCC means the matter For example: Please help me write a speech about "everyone should have a dream". The speech should include: career, love, hard work, and the number of words should not be less than 500. There are many commands in the speech, and there are many orders, because Due to the space, only two iconic commands are included. These commands can assist all parties to complete and replace their basic organizational work, which greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise. In addition, with constant revisions and in-depth introductions, richer questions can be obtained from Chatgpt For a more accurate answer, I have put some relatively simple practical results in the above pictures and texts. Below I will put a relatively heavy command that has been systematically corrected:. Product copy Yes, Chatgpt already has automatic analysis of pain points and users The required capabilities and general business capabilities are met, so there is still a long way to go in terms of command systemization and automation, and it also shows that there is a high threshold for using Chatgpt with proficiency, so Duxiaoyi is in It is guessed here that in the future, a kind of soul amateur will be derived, called: machine trainer 3. The birth and application field of command trainer amateur What is a machine trainer? In short, it is to adjust the machine according to different business scenarios in the industry so that the machine can replace the organization staff in a certain position in the industry. They give two examples: 1) Telemarketing industry: the personnel cost and management of telemarketing industry The cost is very high. If the machine is successfully automated after being tuned and combined with voice, at least 80% of the jobs can be vacated, which greatly reduces the cost of the company. 2) E-commerce industry: Customer service expenditure in the e-commerce industry is also a big cost. The pain point of this industry is that customer service emotions and other factors sometimes lead to customer complaints, malicious crackdowns and other incidents. Machines have no emotions and will not say wrong things. It takes 2 people to inspect from time to time to generate 50 automatic control and reply customer service machines. 3) Self-news media industry: Self-news media covers a wide range, and it is also very difficult to collect materials such as copywriting, videos, and live broadcasts. With the unevenness of self-news media, Chatgpt can replace the highest-level article, picture writers and Drawing hands directly saves time and labor costs...It can be seen that if an enterprise has a senior trainer in the industry, it can achieve a high reduction in labor costs. At this stage, in terms of training, there is no such training institution in the world. We can only figure it out on our own. Duxiaoyi is also conducting research at the same time. Seeing this, we may have some doubts. What can they do in this industry? How to cooperate with AI machines can be handed over to Duxiaoyi. Since Chatgpt came out, Duxiaoyi has been exploring and researching in this field. It is the first batch of people who proposed "leading AI to all aspects". At least 10 industries have been researched, covering a very wide range. At this stage, Duxiaoyi's main research is: high-order search command customization, using the combination of application software and industries to automatically reduce enterprise costs. Advanced search commands are not the same as basic search commands. The advanced search commands that can be realized only through some simple words are designed to really replace some amateur or "full screen" to solve some practical problems, such as writing explosives. The design of high-level search commands such as paragraph copywriting is very troublesome, and it needs to be formulated according to different industries, and at the same time, it must be implemented in conjunction with the developed application software. For example, the following application software is designed based on the user's needs to generate "full-screen" copywriting with scientific explanations. The experience of Xiaoyi's adoption. For example, the user was going to write an article called "What are the static characteristics of the sensor", Then you only need to input the title, and the application software connected to the chatgpt interface will automatically execute the relevant mode operations according to the requirements set by the user before. The user only needs to click the "Start" button on the right without doing anything: The application software will automatically generate the "abstract" and "copy content" planned by the customer before, and the copy content will be written according to the two pre-set subtitles. The user only needs to click "Copy Copy" on the right to copy it in full screen to wherever he wants to put it There are not many opportunities to soar to the sky. Here Du Xiaoyi recommends some common methods and ways to use Chatgpt to earn their first pot of gold. They ordinary people need to make money too much. Making money can not only make life better, At the same time, it can also be recognized by the society, everyone can do it, there is no risk, and you can definitely make money. As long as you do more, you will earn more. Suitable for the crowd: workers who want to achieve free time, college students, mothers with children at home, office workers... Let me first post a more pertinent and classic example: C-position direct access project Project Difficulty: Very Easy Project Introduction : C-position direct access is an official way to make money at degree X From when chatgpt came out in December until then (February 29, 2023, I have been doing it without stopping, because it is too convenient now. It is estimated that each account can easily earn 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan per month (here refers to " It only takes 3 hours a day for one account" income) C-position direct access may be the project with the highest income I have seen so far for X degrees. This is the official display of C-position direct income. Write an article and pass it 10 yuan directly after posting a video, and 30 yuan directly after posting a video. The published article may have to be rich in pictures and texts, and the article can be generated through chatgpt. The search command is: write an article titled "XXX", the The content of the article should be written in the order of the introduction of AAA and the knowledge of BBB. The content under each subtitle should exceed 400 words, and the total number of words should exceed 800 words. The content must not be repeated, and it must be written professionally. XXX here It refers to the topic you received. AAA refers to the knowledge points separated from the topic. The same is true for BBB. For example: write an article titled "How to run code in sublime". Write in the order of each and code operation knowledge. The content under each subtitle must exceed 400 words, and the total number of words must exceed 800 words. The content must not be repeated, and it must be written professionally. Some modifications can be made to the generated content (Because I also said before, chatgt is just an auxiliary tool). Then put the title and content in and submit to make money. Note: 1. Before chatgpt came out, I was working hard on this project for 3 months. It’s just that they were all creators at the time, and I was too tired to write, so I didn’t write it later. After chatgpt came out, it was much more convenient, and we can also see my benefits. 2. This project is just relatively easy, the difficulty lies in There are a lot of rules. After many people write it, they always fail the review. That is because you have not mastered its rules, let alone use them proficiently. The above is the general idea. We can also draw inferences from one instance. Use some of the articles and pictures generated by chatgpt to produce works that can earn income. If you are too lazy to think, you can also private message me to get free lecture notes, and I will teach you how to make money. Well, the article at that time will be At this point, if you have any doubts about the responsible editor, please feel free to follow and private message Duxiaoyi AI, Duxiaoyi will answer you as soon as possible~

The pseudo-creator of this article (Chatgpt high-level commands can solve 99% of the work-Duxiaoyi’s experience in using artificial intelligence) is this okay? ,