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The pseudo-creator of this article (the pseudo-author’s article becomes an efficient author’s article-5 tricks to resolve your distress!) Is this okay? ,

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product catalog: 1. The author of the article app 2. The author of the article has basic skills 3. The author of the article uses other good things 4. The author of the article uses computer programs 5. The author of the article Creator Treasure 6. High-efficiency pseudo-creator auxiliary tools for this article 7. Mobile version of this article for pseudo-creator app browsing 8. Whether the pseudo-author writes this article 9. Does the pseudo-author make money for this article 10. This article Pseudo-creator handouts 1. The pseudo-creator app editor’s note: Tencent officially launched the “Storm Algorithm” on July 7, 2017 to crack down on Chinese websites that collect texts as the main source of texts, and at the same time remove harshness from search copies Collect mirror images to provide more opportunities for high-quality creators' texts. Through Tencent's algorithm upgrade, it is not enough to presume that the quality of Chinese website text products is becoming more and more important. 2. The basic skills of the pseudo-creator of this article are strengthened on the Chinese website. It is inevitable to preview the article inside the Chinese website every day, increase the popularity of the Chinese website, and attract scorpions to intercept. Lord, I seldom do this article as a creator. Although it is said that the browser will respect the pseudo-creator if he does a good job, but many pseudo-creators who are on duty simply correct the article and have not done it. The adjustments made the pseudo-creator's inclusion not very good. The editor above is a summary of the reason why the pseudo-creator's article is not well included and whether to do a good job of the pseudo-creator's article. 3. The pseudo-creator of this article is better than others. 1. The pseudo-author’s article is not very good. The reason 1. The product quality of the pseudo-author’s article is not high. Many on-duty staff act as pseudo-creators. The article is very simple and is Re-write the subtitle, write the second and last few paragraphs in your own words, remove the order of the text in the middle, and this kind of practice is easy to be recognized by the browser when there is a pseudo-creator in this article. , to the user, it is still the original text, and the waiting time is ten minutes. For this type of creator’s article, the browser may include it in your article at the beginning, but it cannot list this type of article, preview it later , the browser will slowly return these. 4. The computer program of the pseudo-creator of this article 2 The scars of the pseudo-creator are too obvious. Many on-duty staff are using the pseudo-creator auxiliary tool. The basic principle of the pseudo-creator auxiliary tool is to replace pronouns and pronouns, remove the order of sentences, and reverse the chapters before and after. Looking at the entire article, not only are there many typos, but each sentence is not easy to read. The scars of this kind of pseudo-creator are obvious. Now browsers are also severely suppressing this practice, and they cannot be included in this article of little value. , For this kind of article, the browser single-box judges it as a waste article. 5. The fake author's treasure 3 fake author's article is not readable. The fake author's article made by the fake creator's auxiliary tool is not readable at all. Not only users don't like it, but browsers don't like it. This kind of practice is purely for the purpose of completing the task, and it does not help the reinforcement and users at all. However, the pseudo-creator who slightly changed the text of the article has not changed the main text and has no own opinions. There are many such articles on the Internet. , the user can't waste time looking at it, just close the page directly, the waiting time is short, and the readability is poor. 6. High-efficiency auxiliary tool for pseudo-creators of this article 4. The weight of the Chinese website is too low. Very good ranking, this is the impact of weight, high-weight platforms and browsers are highly reliable, and random collection of some texts will not have an impact, and new sites or general enterprise sites, if they do this, their own weight is low, Doing this for a long time will be unfriendly to the browser. 7. Browsing the pseudo-creator app of the mobile version of this article 2. Basic skills of being an efficient pseudo-creator 1. Simplify the original text and delete redundant nonsense. That is to say, the article has no focus. At this time, we must reorganize the gist of the article, refine the core text, and delete the redundant text. make the difference more pronounced. 8. Did the pseudo-creator write this article? 2 Integrate his own thoughts to make the article more professional. Do not copy the article completely. You must learn to read one article and use your own words to describe it. Of course, you should write it Before that, I must understand the industry, be clear about the differences between my products and those of my peers, improve the shortcomings of the original text, and express my own opinions on the industry, so that this kind of text is valuable. 9. Is the pseudo-creator’s article making money? 3 You must learn to choose and reorganize the structure of the article. Some articles are very professionally written and the text is very long. For this kind of article to write a pseudo-creator, remember to write it so long , there are too many texts, it is difficult for users to look forward and backward, and it seems to be more difficult. For this type of article, learn to reorganize the structure of the article, pick out a point in this long essay, enlarge it, and add your own Insights, this kind is very professional, it can not only solve user problems, but also meet the needs of browsers. 10. The pseudo-creator's handout 4 Create a good browsing environment and improve user experience. When editing this article, learn to use the combination of graphics and text for typesetting, which is convenient for users to read, deepens users' understanding of this text, and satisfies users In terms of the layout of the entire article, it must be better than the original article. In terms of user experience, browsers naturally like it, and webpages with rich pictures and texts are also liked by browsers. 5. Don’t just copy, have your own thinking. Remember to simply copy or modify some texts. These practices are worthless. The real pseudo-creator of this article retains the original central idea of the article and recreates the entire article by yourself. Conceive, according to your own ideas and insights into the industry, and then rearrange the article, this is valuable, and I often recommend that you do this. To sum up, with the continuous upgrading of browsers, the requirements for this article are getting higher and higher, not only for creators, but also for high efficiency. Don’t copy the text that can really help users. Both the browser and the user are worthless. Previewing such articles will only increase the load on the browser and waste the time of the user. Over time, the browser will not be able to intercept your Chinese website. Therefore, in order to have a good result in strengthening your Chinese website, do not collect this article in various ways. 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The pseudo-creator of this article (the pseudo-author’s article becomes an efficient author’s article-5 tricks to resolve your distress!) Is this okay? ,